Palmer Pro Audionomix DI Box (Begagnad)
Standard passive DI box for line and loudspeaker levels.

Jack input with parallel "THRU" output, transformer balanced XLR output. Attenuable input sensivity, can handle both line level and speaker level singals.

Trafosymetric XLR Output
Input Sensitivity Adjustable
Input impedance: 68,000 ohms
Output impedance: 600 ohms
Transformer ratio: 10 : 1
Maximum output: +6 dB
Ground lift switch
Metal casing 110 x 73 x 42 mm


No. of channels: 1
Passive/Actibe: Passive
Transformer balanced: Yes
Attenuator: -30 dB
Input/Output Gain: -20 dB
Ground lift switch: Yes
Max Input Level: +54 dBu
Max Output Level: +4 dBu
Frequency Range 2K Source Imp. -1dB: 10 Hz - 40 kHz
Input Impedance 60Hz: 60 k?
Nom. Output Impedance: 600 ?
Housing: Steel
Dimension: 110 x 73 x 42 mm
Lev. 1-3 dagar
400 kr